We appreciate ribbon twirling as much as the next guy or gal, but we admittedly don't yet have categories for everything.

If you don't see an exercise listed in the app, first make sure you're not being too specific.

For example, if you search for "bench press," you won't find it. Your work on the bench should be logged under the "Lifting/Bodyweight category," where you'll list how many sets you did.

You should also be sure to search for the exercise itself, rather than the brand. You won't find a category called "Soul Cycle," but you will find one called "Spin Class." 

As we start to learn more about some of the most popular brands with unique activities, we will keep looking to add them. 

On a similar note, we are always adding to our list of exercises and would love to hear your suggestions. We know it's nice to pick a specific category and feel like that scoring is fair and accurate, rather than trying to make something fit in a different category. Shoot us an email anytime here - support[at]thefitleague.com and let us know what else to add!