We get this question all the time! What is and what is not a set? How many sets is reasonable?

Let's start with an example: 

You fall to your knees. Not to pray but to do pushups. You do 18 pushups in a row. (Great job!) At the end, you're huffing and puffing. You pause for a minute, then you do more pushups. This time 16. End workout << That's 2 sets (not 34!)

A set should take you to the point of exhaustion. It could comprise 5 reps (likely with a heavy weight), or it could comprise 50 (likely something light, like a crunch). But no matter what, it should end in EXHAUSTION. "Failure," even.

Here's a good benchmark: The Rock typically does 30-set workouts. And that's The Rock!! Anything above 50 is likely too much. In that case, consider logging your workout as "Circuits", and logging it as a # of minutes that you did "circuits" for. This helps keep the competition fair!