You may find yourself partnered with or matched up against a bot. Bots exist when there aren't enough users to fill out all of the matchups (In "Pairs" you need a multiple of 4 people; in Lone Wolf, you need an even number). If, for example, there are 15 users in a Pairs league, then each week there would be 1 bot to round that number up to 16 (a multiple of 4, for you non-mathletes out there).

A bot's stats will always be equivalent to the league average for that week. So, if for example, a league had three people with the following stats:

  • Ashley = 2 Days, 30 Cardio, 20 Strength, 1 Variety
  • Sara = 4 Days, 60 Cardio, 10 Strength, 3 Variety
  • Steve = 3 Days, 20 Cardio, 40 Strength, 2 Variety

... Then the bot's stats would equal the average: 3 Days, 37 Cardio, 23 Strength, 2 Variety