Exercise Weightings translate workouts into the 4 categories of competition (Days, Cardio, Strength and Variety). These Weightings differ by exercise types, because different exercises have varied intensity and health benefits. 

Exercise Weightings are written as "10-minute equivalents" for Cardio and Strength. For example, Hot Yoga's unique weighting is Cardio-6; Strength-2 meaning that doing 10 minutes of hot yoga will result in 6 minutes of Cardio and 2 sets of Strength. Extending the math, 90 minutes of Hot Yoga would result in 54 minus of Cardio and 18 sets of Strength.

Variety is weighted slightly differently. Exercises either have a Variety weighting of 1 or 2. For those with a weighting of 2 (inherently varied workouts, such as Crossfit and High Intensity Interval Training), doing that exercise adds 2 Variety points to the week total. For all others, doing the exercise will add just 1 Variety point. All exercises, no matter their Variety weighting, only contribute once to the weekly Variety Points total. So, for example, doing Crossfit once during a week and doing it twice or five times during a week, all results in the same amount of variety points: 2!